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Oak Furniture - Oak furniture has always been a popular choice for the UK home. This beautiful wood can be worked into many differing designs and painted and stained in practically any colour imaginable. Furnishing Homes have hundreds of oak furniture items, and here is a guide to incorporating this wonderful wood into your main rooms.

Oak furniture for the bedroom - Incorporating oak furniture into your bedroom can mean that you choose an entire range of items, or just choose a singular key piece. In the former instance, Furnishing Homes stock wardrobes, bed frames and dressing tables. In the latter instance, where you want to make your oak furniture piece a key feature of your room, you should choose the key item first. So, for example, if the focal point is to be a light oak bedframe, you can contrast it with items such as a chest of drawers and/or wardrobe in a high shine finish. To make this effect all the more dramatic choose opposite colour depths; so if your bed is a light shade, choose complimentary items in dark colours.

Oak furniture for the dining room - Using oak furniture within the dining room can see your room being filled with items that show conformity through a matching shade and/or finish of the oak wood. However a more popular (and more contemporary) way of using oak within your dining room is to incorporate other materials. A prime example of this is glass tops for the dining table; with another example being chairs that have leather or fabric finishes. Either of these can introduce more interest and depth into your dining room.

Oak furniture for the living room - Oak furniture used within the living room provides a solution for even the most demanding of day to day use. The same design rules discussed in using oak in your dining room apply here. If you’d like to introduce a little interest then use items such as rugs underneath or in front of key items such as your coffee table or bookcase to create a contrast.

Reclaimed oak furniture - For those that are looking for oak furniture with a difference then reclaimed oak furniture may be the answer. This range offers everything from modern, minimalist designs, to items that follow a more traditional line.

The Furnishing Homes difference – Furnishing Homes was formed on a dedication to offering UK consumers something that they’d previously been missing; their focus upon both beautiful designs as well as pricing that suits any budget means that they are the supplier of choice for many.

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