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Home office furniture - Regardless of whether you’re a full time homeworker or occasional study user you’ll need home office furniture that meet your needs. Furnishing Homes have sourced their office ranges with varying uses in mind, and this guide will give you some ideas on how to choose home office furniture that is most suitable to you.

Furniture for the full time home worker - Choosing furniture for the full time home worker should be taken with more care than choosing furniture for a study that is to be used occasionally. As anyone that works from home knows, their choice of items can be the difference between working efficiently and in comfort on a day to day basis, or having to work on unsuitable items that make working life that little bit more difficult. Bear in mind the following factors when choosing your home office furniture:

Do you need storage? - Think about your storage needs carefully; what items do you need to keep to hand and how much space are you working with? Bookcases are a great way of finding additional space that doesn’t look cumbersome.

How much space do you have and how can you work it best? - If you’re working with a particularly small space then choosing furniture that works it best is essential if you’re to avoid having to squeeze past items on a daily basis. A key piece that you need to think about is your desk. In particular, corner desks can help where a person needs storage and desktop space that will fit into a relatively small room.

Furniture for the study - If you’re looking for furniture for your study then you can afford to focus upon design more than functionality; very often study rooms are used for relaxation, and can frequently feature décor that follows an individual style when compared to the rest of the house. If you’re looking for a traditional feel then the La Roque Tall Mahogany range will be a perfect fit.

Filing cabinets of the modern day - Whilst the mere mention of filing cabinets can conjure up thoughts of soulless grey metal cabinets, the filing solutions of today are anything but. Furnishing Homes offer a wide range of filing cabinets, and all have a focus on a balance between style as well as functionality.

The Furnishing Homes difference - Furnishing Homes have ensured that all of their products meet stringent quality checks that mean their customers are getting the very best quality, at even better prices. They offer significant discounts on RRP, which means that they stand out as a furniture supplier of cost effective, UK sourced furniture.

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