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Dining Room Furniture - Choosing you dining room style - Choosing a style that is both functional and beautiful needn’t be an impossible task; whilst dining room furniture does have a difficult task in striking a balance between the two Furnishing Homes have sourced their ranges with these two factors in mind.

Malmo Dining - The Malmo Dining room range is based around light wood worked into contemporary pieces. This range is ideal for those that are looking for dining room furniture with personality and style in equal measures.

Avignon Range - The Avignon range incorporates grand design with everyday functionality and is ideal for those that are looking for living room furniture with an air of majestic luxury.

Choosing the right dining room table - Choosing the right dining room table can sound far easily than it actually is; not only do growing families need to choose a table that will meet their ever changing needs, but consumers in general have to ensure that their table will work just as well for day to day use as it will for entertaining and special occasions.

In order to ensure that you make the right choice you need to think about a number of factors, including: day to day use, style, use for special occasions (in particular how many seats you’ll need) and how the layout of your room affects what table is suitable.

For those that are short on space, or working with a room that has an irregular shape, tables that are rounded or squared may provide a convenient solution. Conversely, for those that are working with a dining room that is rectangular then a standard shaped dining table will work your space the best.

Essential storage space - Storage space can a problem in even the biggest of homes and finding space wherever you can is essential. A great way to do this is by having a sideboard in your dining room, which has the additional benefit of providing interest in a room that can otherwise be relatively bare.

Furnishing Homes – the online furniture retailer with a difference – Furnishing Homes have gone to great lengths to differentiate themselves from the crowd. Through robust sourcing methods they offer the highest quality items at the lowest possible prices, ensuring that they truly stock beautiful ranges for every budget.

They additionally offer thorough after sales service, as well as efficient deliveries that ensure you item gets to you as quickly as possible.

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